My vote counts!

Tomorrow is the general election here in Australia and by coinscdence all our family are in marginal seats that will be decisive in who gets to govern.

The Penrith press has been really getting into the swing of things and had this great image in the paper today

I am lucky enough to be heading down to the AIS for a 2 week training camp to focus on regaining my strength. This is going to be a great experience and also I will be able to see my new niece Ivy a lot more (as well as my family). Winner all round.

Back in the UK

I am over in the UK for a couple of weeks in order to attend Ben and Heather’s wedding and also to have a bit of a holiday.

So far I have spent a day in Bristol and am currently just North of Salisbury. The wedding is this Saturday and a lot of people are making the trip across which is fantastic.

Today we are heading into Bath for a bit of R & R before the final preparations for the wedding (although I have not been particularly helpful)

Salisbury Cathederal
Salisbury Cathederal

Looking Forward

It has been a while since my last website update but I have now started updating my website to better include social media and so I had better start writing a bit more to be inkeeping with this theme!

Since having surgery on my shoulder last year I have had a large focus on things outside of paddling but now that I am starting to get more mobility and strength back into my shoulder I am starting to enjoy my training a lot more.

I am heading over to th UK for the 2nd time this year in July to attend Ben and Heather’s wedding which I am really looking forward to although it is a bit strange not to be going to any racing. I worked out the other day that this is the first time in 10 years that I have not been on one representative team or another so it is a real change!